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CloudRecover has over 10 years’ experience as a Managed Service Provider of Cloud based Applications. With over 9 petabytes under management, CloudRecover has one of the largest private clouds in Australia and can service organisations from SMB to Enterprise, throughout the Asia Pacific region from secure in-country data centres. CloudRecover’s solutions operate across over 1,000 production servers. The CloudRecover service portfolio includes Virtual Private Server hosting, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Storage Optimisation, Information Governance and Document Management.

CloudRecover’s technical team is distributed between two sites within NSW, with resources located in North Sydney and Port Macquarie. Our core engineering team have more than 40 years of combined IT experience across most Tier 1 vendor technologies. The certifications held by the engineering team include Microsoft MCSE and BCI (Business Continuity Institute).

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About CloudRecover

Operating since 1999, we are a fast-growing Managed Service Provider based in Sydney. We deliver fully managed solutions for businesses, through our partners.

Enterprise Solutions

We offer Enterprise Managed Solutions that cover enterprises from business continuity, data preservation and records management to fully hosted and managed infrastructures.


We specialise in making all business critical information available continuously. We help businesses to reduce their IT cost and increase the efficiency of IT operations.

Our Mission is to provide the best data solutions to store, manage and protect our customer information allowing them to work more efficiently and successfully. – Mac Thompson, CEO –

Large private clouds

With over 9 petabytes of restorable data in Australian data centres, we have one of the region’s largest private clouds which serves small to medium and enterprise businesses throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Australian Data Centres

Our primary Australian data centre, Global Switch, is strategically located 2km west of the Sydney CBD: it guarantees an unparalleled network using a dense and low latency environment.

security and flexibility

Adhering to global certification standards PCI DSS and ISO 27001, our cloud based data solutions give clients uncompromised security and flexibility to personalise data backup and disaster recovery.

CloudRecover’s cloud helps organisations to achieve speed, flexibility, cost effectiveness, allow IT to be more agile and helps organisations to be more competitive.

Why choose us

Our solutions operate across over 1.000 production servers. We collaborate with the best partners to deliver Innovative solutions powered by market leading software vendors such as HPE, Aisgra, Daegis and MailStore.

Fully Managed Service

All CloudRecover’s solutions are fully managed, comply with global certification standards PCI DSS and ISO 27001, with high availability and supported by a 24×7 dedicated IT personnel.


On a simple subscription-based model, CloudRecover offers maximum performance and security, with the flexibility to customise services to your unique needs.

Hear from Mac Thompson, CEO at CloudRecover

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