Australian Data Centres

CloudRecover’s data centres are geographically dispersed in Australia providing local access and low latency. As an Australian owned and hosted provider we comply with Australian data protection requirements. It means that businesses can have the confidence that their personal data are not transferred out of Australia.

Primary Australian data centre

Our Primary Sydney data centre is located at Global Switch in Ultimo, and is one of the largest data centres in the Southern Hemisphere. The data centre is positioned on the western edge of the Sydney Central Business District (CBD), and is serviced by multiple telecommunication exchanges, and a diversified electricity supply.

This Tier III Data Centre is certified for ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 standards, and is listed on the Australian Federal Government Data Centre Facilities panel. Physical access to the data centre is controlled using mantrap, with proximity card readers and biometric systems. Premises under constant CCTV surveillance for both exterior and interior common areas, with onsite security guards and facility management engineers available 24x7x365.

The data centre also features redundant power with diesel generators, redundant cooling, and a redundant fire suppression system.

Secondary Australian data centre

Pipe Networks Cable Landing Station Cromer is where the PPC-1 internet fibre optic cable enters Australia from the United States. It is 40 kilometres from Global Switch and provides a secure fully replicated copy of the production environment.

The Cromer data centre is DR only and is ISO27001 compliant. The facility is an unmarked, steel gated, reinforced concrete structure that is fully equipped with two factor access control, CCTV, 24×7 NOC, fire suppression and control, redundant generators, redundant UPS and redundant HVAC.

It is the main submarine cable entrance for the PPC-1 internet cable from the US. We have selected this data centre for use as the DR facility because it is connected to a different power supply than the production DC, and has a wide range of connectivity options, as it forms part of the main Australian internet hub.

Direct connections are also available to supported data centres.

Firewalls and Connectivity

Mirrored high availability, high throughput firewalls are provided at both the production and DR data centres. Continuous monitoring is used to track availability, intrusion detection, and a number of critical alert functions.

Data is replicated between production and DR using a dedicated and secure 10Gbps dark fibre connection. Redundant Tier 1 carriers into each data centre have delivered continuous network operations and 100% availability over the last three years. The solution also includes a 99.999% Network Uptime SLA.

Server and Storage

Hyper-V clusters are used to provide high-availability within both data centres, running on HPE blade hardware. Redundant fans, power supplies, memory and NIC’s form part of the blade system. All physical server operating systems are configured on RAID 1 with redundant SAS paths to the main storage. Redundant arrays are also used on the main storage, with no single points of failure.

Both the primary and DR data centres utilise identical server and storage infrastructure capabilities, performance under DR conditions is the same as the performance levels that the service will deliver from the production environment.