Each DR in a Box package includes:

Fully managed service – provided by CloudRecover
Onsite Appliance
Local DR and cloud DR capabilities
Managed backup, with coverage for an unlimited number of servers
Backup data is stored onsite and replicated to the cloud
Support for VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments

CloudRecover’s DR in a Box is delivered as a managed service, with a flat-rate monthly fee. Customers choose the DR in a Box package that best fits their requirements based on the amount of data that they have, and the number of DR instances they need. Each package includes a defined amount of protected data – this is measured based on “Front-end Protected Data”. Each package also includes a defined number of DR instances – this is based on the available hardware resources within the appliance and in the cloud.
Once a customer reaches their limit of protected data, they can either upgrade to a larger package, or reduce their protected data. Please contact the CloudRecover Sales team to find out more.
NO. The flat monthly rate includes everything a customer should need:

Managed Backup up to the included data cap (unlimited number of virtual servers)
Replication of backup data to the cloud (no additional charges for data stored in the cloud)
Unlimited backup and restore operations
Management and support of onsite appliance
9×5 Technical support (24×7 support for critical issues)

A local copy of backup data is kept onsite for backup and recovery at LAN speeds. Backup data is replicated to CloudRecover’s Tier III Australian Data Centres. All data is stored in Australia at all times.
All backup data is encrypted in transit and at rest using AES-256. An encrypted SSL connection is also used when replicating data to the cloud.
DR in a Box supports most Windows and Linux operating systems within Hyper-V and VMware ESX/ESXi hypervisors
No – the DR in a Box service includes support for virtual environments only. However, CloudRecover also offers support for physical servers with our Cloud Backup Service.
Don’t worry – CloudRecover can also provide custom options to suit most customer’s Backup and Disaster Recovery requirements. Please contact the CloudRecover Sales team to find out more.

Have any other questions? Please contact the CloudRecover Sales team – we’re happy to help!