Enterprise Backup Solution

A comprehensive backup solution to protect your data, manage risk and reduce your IT operating costs. Our enterprise backup solution takes the pain out of protecting critical information, while achieving efficient data recovery. With our solution, you can protect on-premise data, as well as remote systems in private and hybrid clouds; we also have a solution for mobile devices. Once protected, you can restore business applications, servers or a single file anytime you need, at the click of a button!


enterprise level Backup solution

Move away from tape and reduce management complexity with our enterprise managed backup solution. Choose high availability backup solutions in our world class data centres. Scale your IT infrastructure in a few seconds, whenever you need, while drastically reducing your IT internal costs.!

All of your data and applications are backed up as often as required, from continuous data protection to once every 10 years.

All backups are retained for a minimum of 7 years, depending on your requirements. Our accredited data centres use service provider next generation UTM level firewalls and your backups are secured with AES256 encryption in flight and at rest to ensure the ultimate security. CloudRecover’s high performance architecture provides data replication across geographically separate data centres, all within Australia.

  • Eliminate the need for point solutions with backup and virtual machines replication provided in one solution.
  • Data is replicated across 2 geographically separate, Tier III standard data centres in Australia.
  • Onsite local cache appliance appliance options available – providing a local backup copy of data, as well as cloud backup.
  • ISO 27001, FIPS 140-2 Certified & PCI Compliant Software to deliver uncompromised security.
  • Our team pro-actively manage and support your IT infrastructure and your team. No need to manage licensing and maintenance!
  • Data retained for a minimum of 7 years to meet your regulatory compliance.
  • Flexible options to deliver “right fit” solutions to your backup and recovery challenges.
  • Lower your overall costs with one comprehensive data protection software solution for virtual, physical, mobile and cloud environments.
  • NEW! Backup Cloud Products such as Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Salesforce
  • NEW! Backup to additional Cloud Targets such as Amazon S3 and Azure Blob storage


Fully managed Backup solution that takes the pain out of Backup and simplifies Recovery. No need to manage licensing, hardware, software maintenance. It is all handled by our experts!

Data is secure and protected, stored in mirrored, geographically dispersed Tier-III Australian data centres, with covered global certification standards. We use 256 bit encryption for data in transit and at rest.

Our Backup solution is simple and allows you to monitor your data protection programme in real time. It does not require any agents to be installed: it simply reaches out over the network to backup, using industry-standard programming interfaces.

Mitigate risk with 100% recovery assurance. File restoration from your defined Recovery Point Objective (RPO). Restore Validation Checks ensure data is restorable by simulating real recoveries.

Protect any devices, applications or platform. Our Backup solution support Windows, Linux, physical and virtual machines. Backup from databases to tablets and smartphones.

Fully managed backups solution delivered as a service. Backup service available on a month to month basis. Just pay as you grow!

Web-based dashboard provides a single management view of your service. Simplify deployment/management of remote site/office backup and centrally manage/monitor/configure heterogeneous environments.

Solution is easily scaled for both data volume and performance. Easily accommodates new capacity, new applications and new sites. Efficiency across multiple system IP addresses.

Data is stored for up to 7 years to meet regulatory compliance. You have the flexibility to choose from 30 day / 90 day / 1 year / 7 year data retention options.


Protect everything! From handheld devices to the datacenter – and everything in-between. Single platform means fewer resources, processes, less training and less complexity. Protect you entire environment no matter how heterogeneous:

  • Protected unsanctioned smartphone, tablets and laptops
  • Protect IT managed and unmanaged laptops
  • Protect remote branch offices
  • Protect Windows, Linux, Mac OS
  • Protect core applications like Oracle, SQL, or Exchange
  • Protect both physical and virtual servers
  • Protect your entire data centres and all the devices you workers uses

Lower your overall costs with one comprehensive data protection software solution for virtual, physical, mobile and cloud environments!

Why Enterprise backup solution?

  • Do you have limited IT staff and time to focus on backup?
  • Are you highly virtualized to reduce IT complexity and costs?
  • Can you replicate your critical VMs to a backup facility or recover a VM instantly?
  • Do you see your existing virtual backup options as too expensive and complicated to learn?


  • Licensing costs growing out of control as you add new applications
  • Administration costs soaring as you grow application and storage environments
  • Costs of replicating and protecting off-site for disaster recovery


  • Ensuring data security in the cloud
  • Regulatory and compliance challenges
  • Business and litigation risk due to data loss and downtime


  • Missed backup windows, data loss, and failed recoveries
  • Reduce downtime (RTO) even as application environment grows more complex
  • Proliferation of unsanctioned devices: iPhones, iPads, Androids, etc.

Set-and-forget, simple, reliable, and unified backup and recovery solution for businesses to protect your data across multiple computing platforms!

With our Enterprise Backup Solution, your encrypted data is stored in Australian data centre and always restorable! With no limits on the data size, we can easily scale to meet an organization’s data protection needs as they move data to the cloud.

Lower your overall costs with one comprehensive data protection software solution for virtual, physical, mobile and cloud environments. The subscription based cloud service has no hidden costs, saving you time and money.

Our Customers say:

“CloudRecover provides an unbelievable service on backup and restore, I couldn’t believe how easy it works. We are impressed by the level of proactiveness from CloudRecover!” Commercial Credit Control

“CloudRecover provides a very reliable backup and restore service for years uniting our client computer backup for both Windows PCs and Macbooks across the globe. In particular we are happy with the quick and helpful responses from the technical team to ensure the service is always up and running which also included speed bumps over the years.” Cochlear

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