What our Customers say

 As a specialist IT Service Provider, CloudRecover has been an early adopter of cloud based technologies in Australia. Thanks to our loyal customer base and our amazing team, we have now grown to have over 9PB of data under management! We have collected some of our customer’s reviews on our best cloud backup and recovery solutions.

BDOThe CloudRecover service has provided TCM Electronics with easy, reliable cloud backups and clear reporting. The CloudRecover team are very responsive – any concern or query is answered quickly, and file restores have been really easy. We’re very happy with the service – we can continue with business as usual, and we know our data is protected. Nathan Case | Managing Director, TCM Electronics

BDOCloudRecover provides an unbelievable service on backup and restore, I couldn’t believe how easy it works. Although we still do some on-premise backups in house, we needed a pure disaster recovery solution at a remote location in a PCI compliant data centre. We are impressed by the level of proactiveness from CloudRecover in case of potential issues which are handled by them before they occur.James Murphy | IT Manager, Commercial Credit Control


CloudRecover provides a very reliable backup and restore service for years uniting our client computer backup for both Windows PCs and Macbooks across the globe. In particular we are happy with the quick and helpful responses from the technical team to ensure the service is always up and running which also included speed bumps over the years.

Gavin Mascarenhas | Site Engineer, Cochlear

BDOWe made the shift to HP cloud managed backup in 2011 and haven’t looked back. Once you know the full extent of the trouble it saves you and the savings involved, it’s hard to see why more businesses aren’t making the shift. Ken Poole | Network Infrastructure Manager, IT Services Sydney, BDO Accounting

BDOWe started with HP LiveVault from CloudRecover to eliminate tape, offsite storage and decrease our recovery time objectives. We quickly adopted additional services with CloudRecover further increasing our availability and freeing up IT resources.Nic Danger | Cloud IT Systems Project Manager Melbourne, HayGroup

BDOThe products couldn’t have been easier and they continue to be easy with seamless, transparent upgrades and exceptionally low management overhead.Jason Pappas | IT Manager, Copeland Toyota

BDOWe know with a touch of a button what’s been backed up. If we have any hiccups, we know we can recover seamlessly and quickly with no surprises.William McCance | Advisory Group Equity Services

BDOWith our old tape and disk solution, it could have taken us weeks and an entire IT group to do a recovery. But with LiveVault we never went down, and that’s priceless.Michael Frejik | Zone Reed Industries

BDOBeyond significant time and cost savings, we now have — for the first time — an end-to-end business continuity solution that can restore data from anywhere at any time.Ken Zurhorst | Columbus Finance