Daegis AXS-One Archive

A secure, highly scalable data archiving software for managing the preservation, collection, review and disposal of structured and unstructured data.

Email archiving for Notes
Domino, Microsoft Exchange, Sun JMS, Bloomberg, PSTs and NSFs. Index, search and produce email records.

File System Archiving manages regulatory, legal discovery and risk management objectives regarding corporate
records, bringing both current and historical data into compliance.

SharePoint archiving enables clients to implement policies that determine when to capture documents from the SharePoint repository and move them to the archive.

Social media can be managed as a business record and purged with confidence in accordance with retention guidelines, subject to legal discovery requests.

Respond to eDiscovery, internal audit and regulatory compliance demands by bringing together all aspects of archiving and eDiscovery into a cohesive process.

Supervision module helps clients mitigate the risks associated with messaging by scanning the content of all archived email, instant messages and attachments for suspicious content.

  • Reduced IT burden with cloud deployment and automatic upgrades
  • Simplifies information governance, compliance and eDiscovery
  • Single and secure archive for all types of electronic data
  • Simplifies IT administration and reduces costs
  • Facilitates corporate policies for retention and disposition of all corporate records
  • Reduces risks of eDiscovery through automated processes that enforce record retention, disposition, legal holds and legal notifications in accordance with policies
  • Securely logs all activity to deliver fully compliant audit trail and full chain of custody process

Daegis AXS-One My Archive End-User Overview

This single Data Archiving software allows organisations to easily manage the integrity, security and retention of all electronic records according to an enterprises internal policies and regulations.


Eliminating the need for an upfront investment in on-premise resources, AXSOne Cloud conforms to a “pay as you go” structure that is scalable to the company needs and can grow as necessary.