Disaster Recovery

At some point, all organisations are inevitably faced with data loss. Although these events are rarely catastrophic, the growing importance of data to modern enterprises requires a strategic approach that properly aligns the cost of backup and recovery with the value of data and the ability to restore data with minimal disruption to the business.
But make no mistake, it is all about recovery. Data backup is meaningless if a business cannot efficiently recover the data and continue normal operations.

A plan for data backup and restoration of electronic information is essential. A reliable disaster recovery solution is an essential part of your business continuity plan and compliance requirements. The essence of our Disaster Recovery solutions is true independence and isolation from your current environment and it is designed for easy of recovery.

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Fully Managed Solution
24×7 professional service dedicated to disaster recovery, ensuring DR support at all times. The complexities associated with an in house system’s DR procedures and processes are minimised.

Guarantee on Invocation & Rescue
Because we already know the recovery works, latest data can be accessed within minutes of a request and overlaid on the standby image. The solution is designed for ease of recovery to help organisations to respond to business needs quickly.

Infrastructure Independent
If something on the production network causes an outage it can affect the ability of the company to bring up a DR environment as it is not truly isolated. With Us, you get 3+ copies of data – geographically dispersed – in Australian Tier III data centres.

IT personnel independent
If there are issues with your outsourcer or IT personnel the DR infrastructure is isolated.

Recovery Experts
We provide professional services that guide you through cloud-based DR planning and advise you on the optimal DR plan for your organization

Unparalleled Security
Encryption and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technologies to protect snapshots during capture, transfer and storage.

Disaster Recovery SOLUTION

Continuous backup enables your organisation to choose the exact version of the file to recover from numerous point-in-time versions each day, for vastly improved Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

You can choose from Recovery Time Objective (RTO): 4hr – 6hr -12hr – 24hr
You can store data for up to 7 years so the legal life of your data is covered. Choose from 30 day – 90 day – 1 year – 7 year retention options.

Disaster Recovery Solution for SMBs

  • A single integrated solution for all your backup
  • Real-time IT Infrastructure Replication & Monitoring
  • Australian Federal Government Approved data centre
  • Affordable and efficient image-based replication
  • Connect via VPN/RDP
  • Supports Physical or Virtual Servers, local or cloud, any hypervisor, any storage
  • Copy of Up to 3 Separate Copies of Data
  • Lower and Predictable IT Costs. Pay as you go!
  • NO Data Transfer or Restore Costs

Disaster Recovery Solution as a service: HOW IT WORKS

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