eDiscovery cloud

We provide a cloud based data solution that simplifies and reduces the cost of eDiscovery while lowering organisational risk by providing purpose-built eDiscovery software solution for every stage of the litigation workflow.

Litigation Support

Hosted eDiscovery software for processing, search, review and production of data for litigation, compliance and regulatory matters. rapidly processes ESI and provides advanced tools for filtering, analysis and reduction of data sets for early case assessment and review.

Technology Assisted Review

An innovative technology‐assisted review tool which allows you to cut review time and costs by 70‐90% with no loss of accuracy. It codes your data sets clearly responsive or nonresponsive documents, strategically selecting only the most ambiguous documents for eyes‐on review.

Cross-Matter Management

A proactive approach to managing serial litigation with a streamlined and consistent discovery response across multiple matters. With data immediately available without re‐importing, and fewer documents overall to re‐review, you accelerate turnaround time and reduce costs.

A very flexible, highly scalable eDiscovery service for litigation support. Powerful tools like technology assisted review, advanced search analytics, cross-matter management and self-service options are built in, at no additional charge.

  • Unifies and Manages data from processing through to production
  • Eliminates hardware, infrastructure or upgrade costs
  • Self‐service tools for complete control over data import and export
  • Mitigates risk of escalating costs, data proliferation and corruption