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Ensure that your sensitive information remains protected on devices, content management systems, cloud storage and collaboration channels with FinalCode persistent file encryption software. FinalCode secures sensitive information – both inside and outside your organisation.

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Persistent file encryption. File protection includes AES-256, standards-based key management, secure management console, application white listing and remote file deletion.

Great flexibility. Readily works with popular applications, devices, file storage, content management systems – across all communication channels: trusted, untrusted, private or public.

Rapid deployment. Rapid provisioning for both internal and external users. FinalCode makes implementing enterprise-grade file encryption and granular usage control functionality easy thanks to its lightweight software.

Comprehensive auditing. Powerful auditing capabilities including pattern tracking, notification and governance. Management extends across the lifecycle of files and policy settings can be updated on-demand.

Scalable solution. FinalCode can be implemented as a service (SaaS) or virtual appliance with packages designed to accommodate small-to-medium businesses, government agencies and large enterprises.

Change permissions dynamically. Enterprise-grade granular file permissions give customers full control over their data – wherever it is. File owners retain control over their files even after they have been shared.

Organisation that had file data leakage incidents
Organisation that had frequent file data leakage incidents
Organisation that are unaware of any file data leakage incidents

For any file shared, FinalCode quickly encrypts the source file and sets file permissions for each authorised recipient.


Once FinalCode has encrypted the file, the file owner can readily share the encrypted file directly with the intended recipient(s).


FinalCode decrypts the file and enforces the preset permissions by controlling the recipient’s native file application and relevant drivers.


In case of an unauthorised recipient tries to open the file, FinalCode will deny decryption and log the illicit attempt details. It can also remotely delete the file.

  • Easy & flexible file encryption software
  • Unparalleled file security and full control over shared data
  • Share sensitive data with confidence while reducing data leakage risks
  • No charge for external users
  • Simple & powerful administration through a cloud-based management console
  • No need to change your IT infrastructure
  • No need to remember multiple passwords and manage multiple keys
  • On-demand, dynamic permission change
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“We used to think that even if employees handled files with care, it was impossible to keep them 100% safe, due to threats of hackers and malware, as well as unintentional mishandling. Then we found FinalCode. This software solves all the issues, because not only can we encrypt file, we can also easily specify permissions as to who can access the file, what they can do with the data, and we also have full audit capability.”
Hiroshi Wada – IT Manager of Corporate Planning of Pioneer Service Network Corp

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Source: 2015 State of Secure File Collaboration report.