HPE ConnecteD

Confidently deliver information accessibility to your mobile workforce while facilitating organisational visibility, control, and protection of information at the edge.

Optimised backup and file synchronisation capabilities to enhance efficiency over the most bandwidth-constrained networks.

A FIPS-compliant AES 256-bit encryption algorithm within a multikey security implementation to offer maximum security to customer data.

Continuous data protection strategy enabling information to be protected almost immediately upon file creation or modification.

Delivers information control and management through policy “drift” compliance, policy-based protection, rule-based file sharing and information access scoping policies.

Enables information accessibility on any device by authorised users with support for Windows®, Apple, Android, iOS, and Web browsers.

Secure mobile information protection and access through encryption, granular data privileges, and federated authentication.

  • Take control of your mobile information with policy-based management
  • Reduce exposure to legal and financial risk with defensible auditing and eDiscovery or early case assessment
  • Securely preview, access, download, and share your information on any device and with any consumer
  • Meet business assurance objectives with automatic, continuous, and extensible endpoint protection
  • Analyse and visualise mobile information to support data-driven decision making
  • Leverage existing IT investments and address future growth needs with service or application integration points
  • Improve and enhance organisational productivity with end-user conveniences that do not compromise business assurance requirements

Connected MX Screenshots

Connected MX is a user centric solution delivering endpoint data protection and accessibility anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Centralising the organisational information results in a consistent data protection strategy at the edge, facilitates granular information control, aligns data movement to corporate security procedures, and defines policies that affect both internal and external access to the organisational information.

Connected MX Screenshots

Connected MX search features enable users and administrators to quickly locate business critical information.