HPE Records/Content Manager

HPE Records Manager (HPE RM) is a proven records management system that provides a scalable, policy driven foundation for your information governance, driving business efficiency and records integrity – fast. Automated rules, classification and workflow capabilities enable the easy capture, secure management and discovery of your business information.

Facilitates secure access, collaboration and management of enterprise information in the context of business processes and transactions. It helps you improve and streamline information processes.

Greater levels of configurability, along with desktop, workflow, and integration tools to help you perform diverse business processes and meet your information management needs.

Intuitive web access across a range of device. It is integrated with industry-leading authoring, messaging, and collaboration applications. Capture and manage your email, automatically and efficiently.

Automated rules, classification, and workflow capabilities facilitate the easy capture, secure management, and discovery of your business information, improving efficiency and enterprise performance.

Requires zero install and supports the record and document management needs of daily contributors and collaborators. Via the web client users can search, view, edit, create, check-in and out, access, and complete workflow tasks, email document links and generate reports.

Support hybrid and cloud initiatives. it encrypts information as it is being transmitted and also encrypts documents in the document store. Offers Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 integration.

  • Spanning both physical and electronic documents with a secure records repository and manage-in-place framework to extend management to other repositories.
  • Use HTML5 technologies to provide a simple and uniform interface that automatically adjusts to different devices such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones.
  • Provide seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint to deliver a compliant records management solution for SharePoint content and archiving of SharePoint sites.
  • Coordinate with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes Mail, and rely on message and conversation IDs to reduce duplication.
  • Request records stored either on premise or offsite at an external storage vendor. You can make requests to retrieve or return records on an ad-hoc or recurring basis.

HPE Records Manager use cases

HPE Records Manager facilitates secure access, collaboration and management of enterprise
information in the context of business processes and transactions. It helps you improve and streamline information processes so you can remain compliant with organizational and
regulatory mandates even with growing resource constraints.

HPE Records Manager helps businesses to meet regulatory compliance requirements and organisational mandates. Business records and critical information are securely managed according to policy from creation through to disposal.

The HPE RM Web interface workflow screen

The HPE Records Manager Web Client is a zero footprint browser interface developed for ease of use. The Web Client is designed to be consistent with the look and feel of the HPE Records Manager rich client and enables your workforce to be mobile providing access to information when and where they need it.

Manage all your data stress-free with HPE Records Manager!

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