HPE Storage Optimizer

Access, understand, classify and control your business information. HPE Storage Optimizer helps businesses to accelerate compliance and information governance with data clean-up to reduce redundant, obsolete and trivial data.

Advanced, graphical visualization of information clusters based on meaning make it easy for executives to identify trends or popular concepts and themes.

Two-dimensional cluster maps show heat zones of information grouped by concepts. You can click on the graph to see the underlying documents within that zone.

Three-dimensional spectrographs display how clusters change over a period of time, and provide insight about the evolution of your enterprise information.

Analysis of indexed data graphically with statistical summaries and data categorization to understand the breakdown of data types and categories across the enterprise or specific repositories.

Tools and reports support a policy-driven and compliant clean-up process to generate reports on items marked for deletion, maintain audit trails of policy selection criteria and execution and review and approve workflow processes.

Navigational tools allow you to drill down to explore different areas of policy application. For instance, a compliance officer can learn how much data is potentially on hold across all enterprise systems or what potential policy violations are occurring.

Today, more than ever, business performance is dependent on having access to accurate information as well as the ability to find, understand, re-use, and deliver this information promptly in response to a request.


  • Shine a light on dark data that is sitting unmanaged in email repositories, file shares, and SharePoint sites to save significant storage costs and gain better access to valuable information
  • No longer is storage optimization “blind.” HPE Storage Optimizer combines the power of file analytics and prioritized backup in one cost-effective storage optimization solution. You get more value from your existing data and infrastructure while cutting OPEX.
  • Analyse vast amounts of enterprise data and intelligently migrate targeted information to Cloud-based repositories for improved security, user access and lower overall storage costs

HPE Storage Optimizer Screenshots

Optimise storage with high levels of transparency and intelligence by leveraging HPE Storage Optimizer’s visual interface highlighting the analysis that identifies where smart reductions can be made.