Our Infrastructure

All data is stored in Australian based data centres at all times.

All data is encrypted at rest using Bitlocker at AES256, both in production and DR. Backup data is encrypted at AES256, and replicated to deliver a minimum of 2 copies of backup data, using PCI-compliant backup technology.

Array-based snapshots are used to deliver short term backup and recovery capabilities, with snapshots taken every hour. Continuous replication is used to deliver High Availability for each customer’s private cloud infrastructure, with rapid DR failover capabilities across 2 data centres.

In the event of almost all failures, other than a complete disaster, the instance will failover within Global Switch to another cluster node (thus remaining within the ISO27001 Certified Global Switch data centre).

In the event of a data centre-wide failure, the Disaster Recovery environment can be bought online within 15 minutes in the Cromer data centre. The service will deliver the same performance under DR conditions as well as production.


Strategically positioned on the western edge of the Sydney CBD in Global Switch, our Australian world class data centres provide highly resilient, scalable, technical space and power solutions.

Tier III Standard

Global Switch Data Centre operates to a Tier III standard. The power infrastructure is designed to ensure robust resilience with “no break” IT power. It has diverse 33 KV feeds delivering a backup power system consisting of 22 diesel rotary UPS systems.

Rich connectivity

Diverse telecommunication rooms located at each end of the data centres are populated by most of the major domestic and international Carriers providing customers with unrivalled access to connectivity.


Customer equipment is protected in a well-managed, highly resilient environment with primary cooling infrastructure designed in a 2(N+1) and linked into Building Management Systems.


The entire infrastructure is monitored using highly sophisticated Building Management Systems. This monitoring is backed up by 24×7 security and mechanical and electrical support teams.


We offer critical support 24/7 and standard support during business hours, by email and phone. Support will be on a Level 2 basis to customer IT personnel only.


In order to guarantee greater performance and scalability, we use HPE Blade Systems for all server infrastructure. Compared to rack servers the HPE Blade System can reduce your costs by up to 68%, reduce downtime by 90% and give you 66x faster workload deployment.


There are always 2 duplicate HPE Blade Systems capable of taking over from each other. Redundant fans, power supplies, memory and NIC’s form part of the Blade System. Within the Blade System all physical server operating systems are configured on RAID 1 with redundant SAS paths to the main storage.


Storage is provided on duplicate HP 3PAR and HP 600 Modular Disk Systems, configured in different RAID sets, depending on its function. Access is via duplicate 6Gbps SAS switches or iSCSI; each MDS has 6 redundant powers supplies and 6 fans.