BDOCloudRecover has helped our clients gain trust and confidence in the services we offer LiveVault works like a dream, you set it and it just works without failure
We no longer have to spend tedious amount of time fixing failed backups, fiddling with tapes and USB drivesKhodar Ali Ahmed | Managing Director, Intrix IT

BDOWe did a lot of research in looking for a quality “Cloud” solution for our valuable clients, CloudRecover was the only company that met our needs to supply our clients with the best solution. If you are looking for a simple one stop solution you can’t go past CloudRecover. Terry Vorg | Director, Vorg Developments

BDOMy IT company has utilized so many services and products from Cloud Recover and I have worked along side and partnered with the Team for over 10 years.  Frank Fazio | CEO, CloudRemedy

BDOExtremely knowledgeable and very approachable team. Neroli Baird, Marketing Manager | Net Communications

BDOYou know backups are critically important, but don’t know where to start. Enter, Cloud Recover!! with their new DR in a Box backup solution. 3 words sum up this product – Easy, Reliable, Works! Oh and it saves butts. I highly recommend it for any business wanting to protect its data.Michael Augusto | BDM, Intrix IT

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