how to prevent data breaches

How to Prevent Data Breaches


How to Prevent Data Breaches – 6 tips

how to prevent data breachesIf you are an organisation who use, manage and handle sensitive data, the risk of a data breach is now higher than ever before.

A study from Ponemon Institute reports that the average consolidated total cost of a data breach was $2.82 million in 2015 and $2.64 million in 2016.

Data breaches cost companies an average of $142 per compromised record.

So what is your business doing to prevent data breaches?

There are 6 ways to prevent a data breach:

1) Invest in training and promote security awareness 

Organising educational workshops around how to use sensitive data and how to avoid possible mistakes will promote security awareness within your organisation. According to numerous studies, a high percentage of security breaches are caused by an employee. Therefore, promoting security awareness within your organisations is the key to data loss prevention in your workplace.

2) Enforce IT policies

Organisations must enforce IT policies across their networks and data protection systems. To reduce the risk of exposing sensitive data, organisations must regularly check:

  • password settings
  • server configurations
  • firewall configurations
  • patch management

3) Invest in protection

Sensitive information must be protected wherever it is stored sent or used.

Organisations need to abandon tapes that can be lost or stolen and start using the Internet for backing up data outside your organisation. Other than saving information on a physical hard drive, you can also leverage a remote backup service that lets you save your data to the cloud or external data centres.

Moreover, cloud services are encrypted and monitored by a team of experts who can inspect and identify any malicious traffic. And finally, there are software solutions available that make it easy for you to specify who has access to what and to remove permissions after employees leave.

There are additional benefits of hiring a managed service provider.

4) Use encryption

According to the mentioned study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, 60% of companies that lost information in a data breach had not encrypted their data. Data encryption protects confidential data and it is now easy to use and inexpensive.

There is a variety of solutions available combining software management, policy implementation and control. File encryption software, such as FinalCode, helps businesses to empower policy and let you manage access privileges to your company’s sensitive information to proactive security.

5) Change password and update regularly

Change your password from time to time and remember that it must be unpredictable and hard to crack. You need to keep updated your operating system and application software so they aren’t vulnerable and you will foil breach attempts originating from the Internet.

6) Reduce and monitor the downloads

One of the most common ways a system’s security is breached is through malware being downloaded by the user. This could reduce the risk of transferring the downloadable media to an external source. Being able to block where insiders go is key to a good security policy.

How to Prevent Data Breaches
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How to Prevent Data Breaches
There are 6 ways to prevent a data breach: Invest in training, enforce IT policies, invest in protection, use encryption, change password and update regularly, reduce and monitor the downloads.
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