Storage Optimisation

Our Storage Optimisation Solution is designed for enterprises and combines File Analytics, Cloud based Archiving, Backup and Disaster Recovery. Powered by HPE Storage Optimizer, our Fully Managed Solution helps your organisation to address the increasing problems with Big Data and to lower IT costs: quickly analyse your files, optimise and reduce the total amount of storage required.

  • Storage Optimisation Solution

    One Fully Managed Solution designed for enterprises and powered by HPE, will allow you to easily store the right files on the right tiers and eliminate redundant or obsolete data to make more effective and intelligent use of tiered storage. It means less cost and complexity.

  • Archiving

    This solution that make it possible to analyse unstructured data that resides in files to optimise where that data should be most efficiently stored. Archive into the cloud and easy manage all kind of business data.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Fast recover your data in case of a disaster from anywhere at anytime. Our scalable solution allow you to recover even with a low bandwidth connection. Decide the recovery time objective (RTO) and the the point in time in the past to which you will recover (RPO).

  • Cloud Backup

    Securely Backup your data in our private cloud in Australian Data Centres. 2 encrypted Copies of your data every 15 minutes, with up to 7 years data retention.

Simply adding disks and infrastructure to accommodate data growth are not sustainable in the long run. IT needs to consider smarter solutions that make it possible to reign in data storage costs, reduce the footprint of storage systems, simplify and reduce backup, and manage data storage infrastructure.

Now you can bring together the power of file analytics and prioritised data backup in one cost-effective solution. This allows you to get more value from your existing infrastructure and significantly reduces OPEX.

A Unique Technology
Combines file analytics with policy-based data storage tiering and information optimisation. Intelligently reduce the total volume of data storage and distribute information across multiple storage repositories, including the cloud. It is compatible with several enterprise data repositories.

Optimise your Storage
Get the right information to the right cloud! Allows you to intelligently identify data currently stored in Tier 1 primary storage infrastructure that can be moved to Tier 2 storage; Identify redundant, obsolete and trivial data that is not required for the backup; and applies complex policies and enriched metadata.

Fast Backup & Recovery
With our Solution, you can reduce backup times by up to 50% while increasing application performance—with no noticeable impact on end users. We Backup business Data in our World class Australian Data Centre and provide Disaster Recovery on demand.

Cloud based Archiving
Protect and retain your critical applications and servers’ data in a hybrid or hosted cloud data centres regardless of your physical infrastructure and resource capacity. Archives non frequently access data to the cloud.

Simplicity is the Key
A highly intuitive and visual user interface that takes the pain and guesswork out of policy setting. Our Solution give you a simpler and smarter way to manage
your storage infrastructure and it it transparent to end users.

Information Governance
The analytics capabilities enable you to optimise your governance and purchasing strategies. You can bridge the gap between legal and compliance, validate purchases are made with long-term objectives in mind, and put your IT team in a strategic position within the enterprise.

  • 1/2 Backup and Recovery Times
  • Free up expensive production storage by up to 60%
  • Meet Compliance and Business Continuity requirements
  • Built-in work flow security and audibility features
  • Lower your risk by continuously backing up and moving your data off site
  • Lower the cost of storage and make more effective use of tiered storage