Protect your StoreEasy in the cloud with HP LiveVault!

4 TB StoreEasy for ONLY $349 pm
8 TB StoreEasy for ONLY $749 pm
16 TB StoreEasy for ONLY $1499 pm

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  • Easy-to-use, automatic, secure and reliable server cloud-based data protection
  • Managed service with administration, monitoring, and proactive notification
  • 7 year data retention. Dual copies
  • Windows, Linux and Virtual environment (Hyper-V and VCenter) support
  • Application support for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Fast and easy recovery with DeltaRestore
  • VMware vSphere support, VADP integrated cloud backup
  • Native, embedded storage optimisation
  • Data shuttle service for seeding and large data restores

Securely Protect your HP StoreEasy 1450 in the Cloud with HP LiveVault, a market leading cloud based server data protection solution from HP.

HP LiveVault data sheet

LiveVault & HP StoreEasy

Protect your critical file data on a HP StoreEasy storage appliance remotely in a secure, highly scalable, globally-dispersed cloud-based hosted/managed Australian Tier III data centre.

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