1PB FREE for 2 Months!

Limited Time Offer for Off-site Data Protection

  • FREE Cloud Backup Storage for 2 months
  • FREE Disaster Recovery coverage 48hr RTO! 
  • Join 100+ customers around 1000+ servers 
  • Quick & easy set up in Australian data centres

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Protect your data with Veeam's off-site Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) Solutions

Get total peace of mind protecting your organisation against data loss, human error, natural disaster, hardware failure or malware. Adopt the Cloud with 1 Petabyte FREE Cloud Backup Storage Offering and get your off-site data replication powered by Veeam software, in world-class data centres within Australia.  

Access high performance infrastructure, reduce IT complexity and avoid unexpected cost! 

With over 40 years of combined experience and 9+ PB of data under management, CloudRecover’s team can assist you wherever you are on your cloud journey!

Why choose CloudRecover

Australian Cloud

Get a fully integrated, fast and secure way to replicate and restore your data from the Cloud using Tier III, federal goverment approved data centres within Australia. Get long term data retention to meet your regulatory compliance.

Disaster Recovery

Unlike other service providers, CloudRecover offers Disaster Recovery coverage with 48 hours RTO included in the backup service, at no additional cost! You can ensure Business Continuity and recover fast if disaster strikes.

High Scalability

Move off-site backup storage to the cloud instead of wrestling with tape. Gain rapid Disaster Recovery failover capabilities to ensure Business Continuity. Get high scalability and reliability in the cloud.

Pay as you go!

Predictable monthly price: per VM/Server, per GB. No setup or data transfer costs! Our expert team will analyse your current backup infrastructure and help you with solutions and pricing. We want to keep our service as simple as possible!

Local IT Support

Our IT support team has been given 5 stars out of 5, due to their responsiveness. The average resolution time is as fast as 15 minutes! The support team is based in NSW and highly qualified in backup and recovery operations.

Fast and Simple

Automate and easily backup your servers and VMs in the cloud, without worrying about complex configuration and setup. Recover data directly from the console, track repository consumption and receive notifications.

1 PB Free for 2 months - Limited time Offer

Start protecting your servers in the cloud today and ensure your organisation’s business continuity in case disaster strikes.

"CloudRecover provides a very reliable backup and restore service. In particular we are happy with the quick and helpful responses from the technical team" Site Engineer, Cochlear 

"CloudRecover provides an unbelievable service on backup and restore, I couldn’t believe how easy it works. Although we still do some on-premise backups in house, we needed a pure disaster recovery solution at a remote location in a PCI compliant data centre. We are impressed by the level of proactiveness from CloudRecover in case of potential issues which are handled by them before they occur." IT Manager, Commercial Credit Control 

"The CloudRecover service has provided TCM Electronics with easy, reliable cloud backups and clear reporting. The CloudRecover team are very responsive – any concern or query is answered quickly, and file restores have been really easy. We’re very happy with the service – we can continue with business as usual, and we know our data is protected." Managing Director | TCM Electronics

"We started with LiveVault from CloudRecover to eliminate tape, offsite storage and decrease our recovery time objectives. We quickly adopted additional services with CloudRecover further increasing our availability and freeing up IT resources." Cloud IT Systems Project Manager, HayGroup

Terms & Conditions

  • Limited time Offer, must sign a minimum 12mth contract term before 30 June 2018
  • Offer available for Veeam Cloud Connect customers and partners within Australia & New Zealand only
  • The promotional "free coverage" period covers 2 months from the date of contract signing
  • The CloudRecover Veeam free cloud backup offer includes: cloud storage of backup data within Veeam Cloud Connect, initial provisioning of backup service and initial seeding of backup data (as required)
  • Technical support included, any labour outside of the scope of backup service is charged from $220/hr
  • Veeam licensing and on-premises backup appliances (if applicable) are excluded from the free coverage, and will be billed as per the customer's contractual rate
  • Once the free promotional period has ended, all included will start billing as of the start of the 3rd month of service. The billing charges will be defined in the customer agreement. Approximate charges are as follows: Cloud Backup Storage $99/TB per month ex GST
  • FREE Cloud DR (Disaster Recovery) coverage is included for all servers protected within Veeam Cloud Connect. Cloud DR coverage includes 48 hours RTO (Recovery Time Objective). Customers can upgrade to include shorter RTO capabilities at additional charge
  • In the event of a Cloud DR failover, labour charges are applied. Once a customer has failedover to the cloud, additional infrastructure charges will be incurred - with billing to be based on the actual infrastructure usage each day. DR usage charges will stop once a customer begins the "Fail-back" process to transfer back to the production environment. Minimum charges for infastructure and labour will apply.
  • Please contact CloudRecover at 1300 722 344 for additional information relating to service inclusions and charges