Veeam ONE

Veeam ONE is an essential component of Veeam Availability Suite created to complement Veeam Backup & Replication. Veeam ONE is a powerful monitoring, reporting and capacity planning tool designed to provide complete visibility of your backup and virtual environments.


24×7 real-time monitoring. Veeam ONE provides real-time, agent-free and unattended 24×7 performance monitoring
of your backup and virtual infrastructures, notifying you of issues before applications and users are negatively impacted.

Infrastructure assessment reports. Veeam ONE provides a dedicated set of reports to ensure the configuration of your VMs are supported, VMs are processed by backup jobs, backups are running as planned and there is adequate space on your storage target to support your retention policy.

Performance and configuration assessment. Veeam ONE helps you to understand what’s happening in your VMware or Hyper-V environment. You can identify the largest resource consumers and which hosts are the least loaded, real-time and latency on data stores for instance.

Capacity planning for VMware, Hyper-V and backup. Veeam ONE provides performance forecasting and capacity planning for your VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and backup infrastructures. You can forecast resource usage and utilisation trends. You can also plan hardware upgrades and server downtime.

Raw data analysis and report customisations. Veeam ONE makes it easy to access raw performance data and custom infrastructure reports for VMware and Hyper-V, including specific CPU, memory, network and disk metrics. You can define your own configuration parameters, performance metrics and filters.

Multi-tenant reporting and monitoring. IT managers can delegate VMware vSphere reporting and monitoring to system admins over a limited scope of assigned VMs. Admins can then monitor and customise reporting for their own VMs, while managers pre-build backup reports for the entire team.

Veeam ONE – how it works

  • Easy to use and delivers a fully integrated solution including advanced monitoring, reporting and capacity planning
  • 24×7 real-time monitoring and alerting to notify you with alarms and VM performance issues!
  • Resource optimisation and configuration tracking to evaluate the performance of your infrastructure.
  • Chargeback and billing for complete visibility into IT costs of compute, storageand backup repository resources.
of Veeam customers are more content with backup when compared with other solutions
of Veeam customers experience improved reliability when compared with other solutions

The customer verdict is very good! Veeam asked our +145,500 customers what they think. Veeam’s score is 3x the industry average! This result makes Veeam industry leader in backup and restoration!

We were interested in implementing a virtualisation management tool that would allow us to monitor and run reports for our VMware environment, and the Veeam ONE product has proven to be a good solution. It provides us with really valuable information and analysis on network, disk, memory and CPU usage, so capacity planning has become easier and much more effective than beforeJohn Wals, Manager of Processing & Information Platform Services, Cyberinfrastructure Northwestern University

What’s New in Veeam ONE 9.5:

  • Chargeback and billing capabilities for virtual and backup infrastructures
  • Advanced deployment scenarios for enterprises
  • Support for Microsoft Hyper-V 2016
  • Additional backup report pack customizations

Veeam Backup &  Replication is part of the Veeam Availability Suite which also includes Veeam Cloud Connect.


CloudRecover recently became a Veeam Gold CSP Partner in Australia and New Zealand!

Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam ONE are better together to deliver the Availability your business needs.